Jun 23, 2007

Creating Quilts

I'm inserting a photo of a baby sweater and hat that I crocheted this week for a baby shower gift.
All of those baby quilts shown on this blog have now been sent off for the new babies. So I'm designing a new one just to have on hand. I started by drawing a picture. I'll make the quilt in the same fashion as the one with the applique doggy design in the center. So now I'm making the new one with an applique cat design.

Meanwhile, the puff quilt is progressing. I've had to search through my stash for those small bits of cloth that I can use up. I find that I can sew up a puff every time I'm waiting for my computer to warm up. Although you can make a puff quilt with a pattern of colors in mind, the one I'm making is just a big mixture of fabrics.

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