Aug 30, 2009

I get some satisfaction

This quilt was such a pleasure to make. And I got to use up some really really old scraps from the bottom of my laundry hamper of scraps. There's nothing like a string quilt to get me going.

Now I'm up to the elbows in old denim pants. I have no idea how many denim quilts I'm destined to make--does anyone have a crystal ball? I know that it is going to be more than one already--even though I have only made about half of this one. It's easy to buy old second-hand denim pants when you don't care what size they are.

Meanwhile, I finally had a root canal on the bad tooth on Friday. I was never so glad to have a root canal before. But I've had a toothache for such a long time until they finally figured out what tooth was effected. Today I'm feeling quite a lot better. We have a lot of smoke in the air from wild fires, even though the fires are raging many many miles away. The slightest breeze carries the smoke far. And the weather turned hot, which is common for this time of year, with September being the hottest month.

I went to see that Brad Pitt movie "Inglorious Bestards" or however crazy way they spelled the title. It turned out to be a rather nutty fantasy. It seemed like Brad had fun earning the big bucks in this one. Entertaining in spite of all the shooting.

Aug 27, 2009

Old jeans ride again

I've been inspired! I was looking on and I saw denim quilts made by Alicia and her friends. Her blog is and it has info about making a quilt out of cast-off denim clothing. I was really tempted because I thought of my eldest granddaughter who is going off to Cal Poly University. This kind of quilt would be so suitable for her. I love old denim and have a few old denim clothes of my own, but I'm still wearing them, so I wouldn't part with any of those. However, I learned that by going to a couple of garage or yard sales, I could get all the old denim I need. First I washed everything, and then I started cutting and pressing the pants. I began to cut out the various size squares that are required for the quilt. I went to the fabric store to pick out a few yards of something to make the strips that are sewn in between the denim squares. I decided to make those strips the gold color that is often used for the thread in jeans. Meanwhile, the last time that I was shopping at the Target store, I saw that they had in a shipment of denim pants that could only be described as ratty. It seems that old, ratty jeans are in style now. But apparently not the ones that are in your closet, or at a thrift store, but the ones that you spend $30 for in the store!
Meanwhile, I didn't forget my string quilt. I have free-motion quilted it, and I'm finishing hemming the binding now.

Aug 20, 2009

A bit of progress

I have managed to get the string quilt top sewn together. And I'm meanwhile cutting out some blocks for another quilt. My little grand-niece as put in a request for a doll blanket or two. I plan to just sew up some flannel scraps for that. I don't think that her dollies are too particular about their color schemes. I remember having a doll blanket when I was a little girl. But somebody took it away to use under her knees while she was scrubbing the floor. Sigh--what a sad story! I used to give my kids old dishtowels for doll blankets.

Aug 16, 2009

Free- pieced Medallion Quilt

Here it is at last, my free-pieced medallion quilt. It was tied, not quilted. I must say a "Thank you" to Gwen Marston, as it is her wonderful books that inspired me. I did go off on my own tangent, though and designed this quilt myself, so don't blame her for that, please. In her book "Freddy & Gwen Collaborate Again" she encourages sometimes tying quilts, instead of quilting. And it gives quilts an old-fashioned look, I think. I did give details about how I tie a quilt in previous posts. Meanwhile, I'm in the midst of putting together a string top. And two other projects are in my mind right now. So my quilting projects keep me quite occupied at times. And I have to mention that my son came to visit from out-of-town and was kind enough to hold up the quilt for the photo! So much fun when the family gets together. Meanwhile, all those little health problems that I keep complaining about (so boring) are getting better.

Aug 13, 2009

I don't have a photo yet, but I'm finishing the medallion quilt, and plan to sign it today. You know, it's very important to feel that some project of mine is finished. I have so many projects going at once. And I completed knitting a hat for a charity, too. And now I'm sewing the string quilt together. Meanwhile, I had a lot of problems with a tooth. The dentist thought I needed a root canal. But very good news--root canal not required after all. Just taking antibiotic. The pain is much less today. Meanwhile, I rushed to the store in desperation. And I bought myself a kid's battery toothbrush. That thing is great! They were on sale too.

Aug 6, 2009

String quilt progress

Well, I've been sewing like the wind today, I guess. Once I decided what size to make the blocks, it was so much better. I thought that instead of joining indeterminate lengths of strings together, and then cutting the blocks--as I usually do, I would try something new. I decided to cut all the blocks 8 inches square. And to cut the strings into approximately 9 inch lengths. Then everything went very fast. I have made this quilt pattern before, but I had made the strings in solids and the blocks in prints. This time I made most of the strings in prints and the blocks are going to be various solids. And I even got to sew a couple of strips and took this quick photo. I managed to use up a bunch of scraps in this one. Still lots of sewing to do. And I've been tying that medallion quilt while I watch TV. All this takes my mind off of a medical condition that started driving me nuts today--I have to go to the doctor first thing tomorrow. I have a rash on my scalp and neck. Darn-just when I wanted to go for a haircut. That hairdo will have to wait. I think that I'm allergic to shampoo. I tried switching to other brands, but no luck!

Aug 4, 2009

I haven't been doing that much sewing lately, as I had some things going on that were keeping me busy. Family stuff. Anyway, things seem to have calmed down a bit today. I've been thinking about my next project. And by just looking around, I see that another string quilt is in order. I have so many scraps hanging around. The big decision now is how big to cut the blocks. I guess I'll probably make either 6 or 8 inch blocks.