Aug 13, 2009

I don't have a photo yet, but I'm finishing the medallion quilt, and plan to sign it today. You know, it's very important to feel that some project of mine is finished. I have so many projects going at once. And I completed knitting a hat for a charity, too. And now I'm sewing the string quilt together. Meanwhile, I had a lot of problems with a tooth. The dentist thought I needed a root canal. But very good news--root canal not required after all. Just taking antibiotic. The pain is much less today. Meanwhile, I rushed to the store in desperation. And I bought myself a kid's battery toothbrush. That thing is great! They were on sale too.

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Nanci said...

I have an electric toothbrush and when I go to cleanings, the hyginist is always amazed at how clean my teeth are!