Aug 30, 2009

I get some satisfaction

This quilt was such a pleasure to make. And I got to use up some really really old scraps from the bottom of my laundry hamper of scraps. There's nothing like a string quilt to get me going.

Now I'm up to the elbows in old denim pants. I have no idea how many denim quilts I'm destined to make--does anyone have a crystal ball? I know that it is going to be more than one already--even though I have only made about half of this one. It's easy to buy old second-hand denim pants when you don't care what size they are.

Meanwhile, I finally had a root canal on the bad tooth on Friday. I was never so glad to have a root canal before. But I've had a toothache for such a long time until they finally figured out what tooth was effected. Today I'm feeling quite a lot better. We have a lot of smoke in the air from wild fires, even though the fires are raging many many miles away. The slightest breeze carries the smoke far. And the weather turned hot, which is common for this time of year, with September being the hottest month.

I went to see that Brad Pitt movie "Inglorious Bestards" or however crazy way they spelled the title. It turned out to be a rather nutty fantasy. It seemed like Brad had fun earning the big bucks in this one. Entertaining in spite of all the shooting.


Magpie Sue said...

I'm thinking about all the bloggers I know who live in various parts of CA and wondering how each is faring. It's sometimes hard to know how close anyone may be to real danger. Sure hope it doesn't get much worse before it gets better.

Your granddaughter is going to love her denim quilt :- )

Susan Schrott, Artist said...

LOVELY scrap quilt..looks so cozy too...who is the lucky it for you ?

Sharon said...

August and September were always my least favorite time of year in CA, due to the smog, the inversion layer and the fires. A scary time of year too. I hope you stay safe!

Love your string quilt. I've finished Thing 1 (my string quilt #1) and am now putting the last rows on Thing 2. Then I'll have one more to go! Who is your quilt for?

Nanci said...

I can hardly wait till I have enough scraps to make a string quilt....kidding. I think I have enough, but not as many wonderful colour combinations you put together.
It's the needle you hate and the time spent in the chair listening to the drill that is the worst part of a root canel. (the pain is gone)
I used to make jean bags for the girls when they were small. I decorated them with fabric paint and let them have a go at it. They are still in use...after all these years.


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