Aug 6, 2009

String quilt progress

Well, I've been sewing like the wind today, I guess. Once I decided what size to make the blocks, it was so much better. I thought that instead of joining indeterminate lengths of strings together, and then cutting the blocks--as I usually do, I would try something new. I decided to cut all the blocks 8 inches square. And to cut the strings into approximately 9 inch lengths. Then everything went very fast. I have made this quilt pattern before, but I had made the strings in solids and the blocks in prints. This time I made most of the strings in prints and the blocks are going to be various solids. And I even got to sew a couple of strips and took this quick photo. I managed to use up a bunch of scraps in this one. Still lots of sewing to do. And I've been tying that medallion quilt while I watch TV. All this takes my mind off of a medical condition that started driving me nuts today--I have to go to the doctor first thing tomorrow. I have a rash on my scalp and neck. Darn-just when I wanted to go for a haircut. That hairdo will have to wait. I think that I'm allergic to shampoo. I tried switching to other brands, but no luck!


Nanci said...

OOH if you use dandruff shampoo that may have caused the rash. My sweetie breaks out like that. We use organic shampoo at the cottage for the water, but never use dandruff shampoo at all as it's harsh.
I love that quilt you have started. It is always hard for me to put the colours together and I got an idea of how you do it from looking at the photo.

Sharon said...

Your string quilt is looking good! I like this idea.

Hope the Dr. could help you with the rash. . . that sounds like it's pretty uncomfortable.