Feb 25, 2010

Some sewing today

Good news for me today, I'm feeling well enough to do some sewing.  I'm starting to get the teacups sewn together.  It's going to be a tricky job, because although I made the blocks the same height, they are not the same width, and the same for the joining strips.  As soon as I can get that organized, I can start to get the free-pieced lettering together.  I will just have to work at them and make them fit by adding and subtracting the sizes of the blocks.  And I posted a photo of my patio plant.  Isn't it something?  It's a succulent and likes to change colors.  I have two of these.  A friend gave me cuttings a few years ago.  And another thing--three cheers for our Olympic athletes!  You know, I was on the curling team in High School.  My parents even curled at one time.  It's a great family-type sport.

Feb 19, 2010

Further adventures of Roz

Yesterday, I was happily sewing the tea and coffee quilt when I was suddenly struck by a severe allergy.  I thought that I had a cold at first.  But I started having shortness of breath, so my dear daughter took me to the Emergency room, and the care was excellent there.  Not a cold, an allergy--and they started giving me a ton of medicine, tests, x-rays and the works. They even called in an Internist. So I had to stay in the hospital overnight.  But I came home today, feeling a lot better. I'm allergic to one of two possible things.
Aren't the Olympics super?  I actually stayed up late watching the TV in the hospital room, in order to see the Men's Figure Skating.  I hope to continue work on my quilt this weekend, as I don't plan to go anywhere.  And I have started getting together fabrics for the Amish-style liberated quilt. Amish-style, I like that name.  Reminds me of a Kosher-Style restaurant.  It has Jewish type foods, but they will serve you bacon.
Ha ha!  I figured how to spell check my Posts!  I copy the post to Microsoft Office Word and spell check it there.

Feb 12, 2010

I Love Coffee quilt

I've decided that I have now made enough quilt blocks.  See what happens when a person doesn't plan ahead?  Not very much, I guess.  I took the blocks into my bedroom.  I turned my bed quilt over and laid the blocks on the back of it.  As you will notice, there are discrepancies(Oy, the lack of a spell check is making a struggle for my vocabulary) and errors in some of them--well really a lot of them.  I decided not to go ripping out stuff--I'm liberated!  I could go ahead and make some color-cordinated, interior decorator, corners-matching-up quilt out of a magazine.  Been there, done that, but it's not creative enough for me. I'm a Gwen Marston fan. I got the idea for this quilt out of her book "Liberated Quiltmaking II." I plan to make applique hearts on the quilt for the "love" word. And I have to trim these blocks into size and asemble them.  Right now I have my thinking hat on because I joined in the http://lazygallibamish2010.blogspot.com/
which is a challenge to make a liberated Amish style quilt.  However, I will be very very busy the next few weeks skiing down hill, figure skating with Johnnie Weir, in the bobsled, and curling granite rocks down the ice!  I love the winter Olympics.  Actually, I even looked into going to Vancouver, but the cost was excessive, so I'm home with my TV and DVD. On another topic, today Feb. 12 is my DH's birthday.  He wants smoked whitefish and chocolate ice cream, not eaten together, but in that order.

Feb 8, 2010

Coffee or Tea?

This is a photo of some of the blocks that I've made lately.  I invented a cream and sugar block and a coffee pot block.  It's been fun.  I've been sewing a bit less lately.  That's life, I guess.  I think that I got somewhat tired.  I've been reading my book, Liberated Quiltmaking II, and some of the things in there are so helpful. I especially liked the section about liberated triangles.  It was really a help for making the teacups that are angled slightly on the bottoms.  I have a few more of the blocks cut out, and I hope to have time and energy to join the pieces together today. Then comes the challenge of composing a quilt with all of the blocks and free-pieced letters! And I went to the Target store yesterday afternoon.  The stores are so jammed right before the Super Bowl football game.  But a really nice saleslady gave me a good box, so hopefully, I'll be able to ship the sweater that I knitted.

Feb 2, 2010

Free pieced letters

Here it is, Groundhog day!  Ever since I saw that movie, "Groundhog Day" (3 times at least) every Feb. 2nd I ask myself, am I doing creative things that I want to do?  I guess I can be happy about 2009 in that respect. I tried to do some quilts that were more spontaneous last year.  It's practically getting to be a habit now.  I met a lady that I know casually, and she wins ribbons at the Fair for her paper pieced quilts.  I asked her if she had looked at my blog and she told me that I really needed to take a quilting workshop!  I can consider that a compliment.  Life has caught up with me a bit lately, and although I did manage to cut out some more pieces for the tea cup quilt, I didn't do much sewing on it.  I started making some free-pieced letters for it, though.  And I'm really proud of this man's sweater, size extra-large, that I completed yesterday.  I hope that it will fit my son.  Now, the worst part--I have to ship it to him.  Oh, and another thing, I uploaded these photos in reverse order, but it seems that Google has changed the order of uploading photos, along with removing the spell-checker.  So now the sweater photo is on top and the letters photo comes out underneath.  Well, anyhow, that will make it easier for me from now on.