Feb 25, 2010

Some sewing today

Good news for me today, I'm feeling well enough to do some sewing.  I'm starting to get the teacups sewn together.  It's going to be a tricky job, because although I made the blocks the same height, they are not the same width, and the same for the joining strips.  As soon as I can get that organized, I can start to get the free-pieced lettering together.  I will just have to work at them and make them fit by adding and subtracting the sizes of the blocks.  And I posted a photo of my patio plant.  Isn't it something?  It's a succulent and likes to change colors.  I have two of these.  A friend gave me cuttings a few years ago.  And another thing--three cheers for our Olympic athletes!  You know, I was on the curling team in High School.  My parents even curled at one time.  It's a great family-type sport.


Not Lucy said...

Curling has always fascinated me - a very slow moving sport but fun to watch nonetheless!

Laurel H. said...

Your quilt is coming along nicely.

I am envious of you, and of anyone who is able to successfully keep a houseplant. I kill every houseplant I encounter--even those easy ones you're not supposed to be able to kill, like philodendrons (sp?) and wandering jews. But yours looks beautiful. :)

jovaliquilts said...

You can always add an extra strip of fabric to make the rows work out. A little craziness like that in there could be fun!
The curling team -- I'm impressed! I'm guessing you didn't grow up in SoCal, curling doesn't seem like the sport of a warm climate.

Ruth's Place said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Love how the quilt is turning out.

I was very pleased that our 1 hour of Olympic highlights (that's all we get in South Africa) included some curling. I love watching it.