Oct 16, 2011

It's a wonderful world

There's been a lot of time passing without my sewing or blogging. I'm recuperating from an illness. Doctors have told me that I'm lucky--it could have been much worse. I will be having on operation, but I'm praying to be well enough to bake a pie for Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, I've been resting. I haven't had enough energy to sew--therefore you can tell how easy I've been taking it. My daughter has stepped up to the plate and she's been looking out for me. Yesterday we went to visit my DH and he seems to be holding on. He's comfortable and not suffering at all. I went out on my patio this morning and although it's a bit foggy, I took a photo of the acacia tree that's blooming right now.

Oct 5, 2011

Inspired by Anna Williams

I had a mishap. I got sick last Wednesday. I was at my daughter's house and had just enjoyed a lovely dinner, when I had to spoil the evening and be taken to the ER. I don't care to publish my medical history, but let me say that I was in the hospital for two days, enjoying medical tests, and the food. The person in the kitchen said, "You must love the salmon because you ordered it for lunch and dinner?" "No, " I answered, "it's the only thing listed on the menu that I can eat."

Concerning my DH,and as far as the problem with Medicare is concerned, although he's in a seriously declining condition, the Medicare rules exclude him from receiving either Palliative Care or Hospice unless or until he can't speak. He has Lewy Body disease, not Alzheimer's. And although Alz patients stop talking in the end, I don't believe he will until he lapses into a coma. So there you go, you can rest easy knowing my dying husband is not cheating on Medicare. Meanwhile, it's costing Medicare more money to send my husband to the ER every time he's in trouble instead of having him tended by a nurse from Hospice.There--I had my rant, and I feel better!

OK now back to my quilting--I put my money where my mouth is and decided to divide my scraps into lights and darks. I'm piecing my squares with strips. This is a really simple pattern of alternating squares. I'll save the more complex patterns for later.