Oct 19, 2008

So, what's new? how about a new baby? We are welcoming a new baby girl named Ella to the family. Let's see, baby Ella is my first cousin's granddaughter. So maybe she's my second cousin? I guess I shouldn't get too technical about that. Anyhow, I have made a baby quilt and pink sweater, in the past few months. How did I know the baby would be a girl and made her a pink sweater? Well, the truth is, I didn't know, so I made a pink one and a blue one. I used to be a Girl Guide (called Girl Scout, in the USA) and although that was about sixty years ago, I did learn to "be prepared." A baby boy will turn up for the blue sweater one of these days, I hope. Best wishes to our darling baby and her family. Meanwhile, I'm planning to make a "liberated" I Spy quilt. I've just started on it. It's just a couple of sample blocks and a big mess of scraps on the ironing board at the moment.


Magpie Sue said...

Very sweet sweater set :- )
That liberated I Spy quilt will be fun. I've been thinking along the same lines... but who knows when I'll actually get around to it!

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Very precious sweater and how smart you are to have done both. I bet baby Ella will look sweet in this. Blessings, Kathleen