Sep 14, 2010

Needing advice

Here is my work on the Challenge far, and it has been challenging! I already posted a photo of this quilt top. Now I have added borders--so what did I do? I decided to do what Gee's Bend quilting ladies might do, and I added strips of fabric that were left over from making the backs of some previous quilts. I always cut a generous backing, and there is often a strip left over after I trim when adding the bindings. What the photo shows--I spread the quilt top on my bed, so please disregard the yellow edges, that's simply the background quilt. My questions are: Is this enough? What does the quilt need, within the requirements of the challenge?


Clare said...

Hi Roz,

I'm not taking part in this challenge so not really sure what the rules are (none if Tonya has anything to do with it!).

I can't really see a lot from the photo and when I click on it, it doesn't enlarge. However, I'd say it needs "rounding off". I'd personally get rid of that fabric at the bottom, add some more solids (don't detract from that centre strip) and then put a border on. The border doesn't necessarily have to be the same colour all the way round, but you do need some sort of "stop point".

Hope I'm making myself clear.

Nanci said...

I'm not fond of the bottom colour, so would remove that as suggested above also.
I'd find one "popping" colour to just border around it like the I spy quilt you did. A border always seems to define something like this.
Maybe a print to anchor it all.