Oct 3, 2010

Star baby quilt--the beginning

Well, I was a bit under the weather for a few days, in more ways than one!  Besides my not feeling well, we went from having comparatively cool type weather all summer to having the hottest day ever recorded.  It was as if all that summer heat that we had avoided decided to hit us in only one day!  Lucky me, I had my AC repaired recently, and it was up and running for that blast of heat.  And people say that we have no weather to speak about in Southern California.
I have begun sewing a baby quilt, which was the next thing on my sewing list.  I turn under the edges of the stars by sewing them to fusible interfacing. Placing right side of  fabric to sticky side of interfacing, I sew all around the edges, then I cut a little hole in the interfacing and turn the star right side out.  Presto, all the edges are turned under.  I then press the stars to the quilt square and machine sew the edges.  I plan to make alternate squares in a free-pieced crazy square.  I have a lot of scraps of kid-type fabric left over from that I Spy quilt that I made. So now is the perfect time to get some of them sewn up.    


Michele Bilyeu said...

The beginning of what I'm sure will be a great baby quilt! You can't go wrong with stars..since every baby is one...and these are really cutely shaped! Hope your weather becomes sewing room seasonal soon!

Clare said...

Love the stars. They'll make a great baby quilt.

Miri said...

Great stars!

Thanks for the tip about using the fusible for turning the edges so that there are no raw edges! I'm going to try it soon as I have a machine applique quilt in my head.

Isabella said...

What a great idea to use the fusible have to say I hate needle turning gives a great finish but I think I'll be using your method,
Thanks also for your comment.

Ruth's Place said...

The star blocks look lovely. It's going to be a fun quilt.