Sep 14, 2011

Bricks Quilt--the second

This bricks quilt was so easy to machine quilt. I simply quilted in the ditch. I think that I should have made it a bit longer, though. But it is a nice size for a lap quilt. I'm putting in a close-up photo because I think that this fabric is so amusing. I found a fat quarter that's printed to look like money. I'm putting this quilt away for a rainy day. I plan to donate it to a sick person as a Healing Quilt.
Sad news here, one of the sick people that I gave a quilt to has died. I'm planning to attend a prayer meeting at the home of the mourners this evening.
Meanwhile, as my blogging friends know, I'm already sewing another quilt. It's a log cabin. More news to follow.
Here's a question for you--if you were planning to take out insurance--how much value would you place on your fabric stash and sewing equipment?


Finn said...

It's a lovely quilt Roz, I think it would make someone feel better right away! *VBS* Wondering, what size did you make your bricks? Hugs, Finn

Lynne said...

Lovely brick quilt.

Sorry to hear that a recipient of one of your quilts has passed away. I hope his/her executors make good use of it.

I never know where my "donated" items end up!

Michele Bilyeu said...

I've been wanting to do a vertical brick quilt and not my usual horizontal ones..seeing your's seconds that notion!