May 24, 2007

More about puff quilts

It's not necessary to add any additional batting to the back of this quilt. My directions are for a machine-sewn quilt. The old-fashioned way to make a puff or biscuit quilt was by whip stitching the blocks together by hand. And I have made them using old stockings and panty hose for the filling. One puff quilt I made, I used only two colors and alternated the patches. It was pink and blue, and quite pretty. Right now I have 2 laundry baskets full of scraps, so I'm just making the quilt using them. And the quilt already has a "home." A lady once asked me what I do with all my quilts. My answer was, "There's a line." People in my family are anxious to give my quilts a good home.

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Diane said...

My mother once made a Puff quilt that she stuffed with nylons. It grew so big and heavy that it would have smothered anyone who slept under it.