May 22, 2007

To make the baby quilt. I make the crazy-quilt blocks by sewing scraps together, I don't use a foundation. I cut the backgrounds for the applique generously, to be trimmed later. For the appliques, I made stars, but if you would like to make the quilt yourself, you might want to make hearts or another applique pattern. Each applique square could be a different picture, too. And the backgrounds could be all the same solid color.
I made these stars by lining them with interfacing. I first made a plastic template of the star. Then I traced the design 6 times unto the interfacing. Place interfacing and fabrics for applique right sides together. Sew the interfacing on the lines. Trim edges, clip the corners. Cut a little hole in the interfacing and turn the applique right sides out. Press the edges. Hand or machine sew in the center of your plain squares. After all the crazy-quilt and applique blocks are finished, press again, and then cut them all into 10 1/2 inch blocks and join together with 1/4 inch seams. Add a border. Quilt. I meander quilt by machine. Add binding. I embroider my name and date on the back.

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