Dec 30, 2007

Best wishes for 2008

There's good news, the turquoise fabric arrived. I ordered 5 yards, and it's now threatening to engulf my sewing area with a turquoise tide. I'd better fold it up! Anyhow, I'm sewing a binding on the baby quilt now. It's for no particular baby, but I'm sure one will arrive one of these days and need a quilt present. I used to be a Girl Guide (that translates to Girl Scout in American) so I believe in the motto: "Be Prepared." And I've made all the turquoise blocks and squared them up. I hope to assemble the quilt this week, the Lord willing.
I want to wish all my blog friends a Very Happy New Year. May this be a good year for all. And may we all finish at least a few of our projects.


Tamera said...


Can't wait to see those blocks!

chq said...

This is a few days late but Happy New Year to you too!