Dec 3, 2007

The purloined letter--no--the purloined place mat

On Nov. 25th I blogged about losing my place mat. It has now been found--in another state! Talk about people misplacing their socks! My place mat was purloined by Edgar Allen Poe. Well no, I made that up. What happened is really not that complicated. No, that's a lie, it is complicated. Picture this, my darling son, who lives in Nevada, was visiting me here in California. And it seems that he accidentally packed one of my place mats in with his things when he left. He called me today and said (among other more important things, actually) that my daughter-in-law read my blog and she realized where the strange place mat was from, the one that mysteriously appeared in her laundry. I graciously gave them permission to keep the place mat, and use it. So if a strange place mat happens to appear in your laundry--you know where it probably came from.

1 comment:

Tamera said...

Don't you feel better now, knowing where it is? LOL

It's so disconcerting to lose something and it just stays on your mind.