Jul 29, 2008

Pink crocheted baby set

My cousin is expecting a baby in the fall. We don't know the sex of the baby, so here is a pink set I made. I already made a blue one--so all bases are covered, so to speak. I designed this myself, so no pattern is available. I like to use Patons Astra yarn. It's sport weight. And there happens to be a completed baby quilt tucked away in my closet.
On another subject--we had an earthquake today. The place really swayed, and I did get scared. But the quake didn't last long, and there was no damage in my place. The chandelier really was swaying, though.
I'm sewing together my crazy quilt. I made 48 squares, and you would think that there would be a dent in my mess of fabric scraps--but no, there's still tons of the stuff.


dhalpern3 said...

Hi Roz
I read your comment on my little girl's dress at three rivers blog, so I checked you out. Good lord, you are busy! I have the same amigurumi book but haven't made anything yet. Have you spotted a quarterly mag call Belle Armoire? It's altered clothes and your quilted purse would surely be shown in it. They print their readers' work.
Keep up the lovely work,

jovaliquilts said...

In my experience, fabric scrap piles don't ever diminish -- they just get bigger!!

Love the sweet baby crochet set. And you made two, that's impressive!