Aug 8, 2008

My latest projects

I'm meander quilting my quilt at the present time. This is the second section, I have the first half quilted already. My amigurumi panda bear is supervising. Yep, that's my cassette tape collection in the corner of the photo. I have quite a few, since years ago, when my children grew up and moved out and left me their old tapes, plus the ones I bought before we had a CD player. Imagine that, in our pre-computer days.

I have to boast about my green thumb. I love to grow cheery flowers on my patio. This plant is three years old now, but still hanging on. It likes to get plant food on a regular basis.

The sky and water fabrics were difficult for me to find. I've been wanting to make an applique wall hanging for ages. A big tree goes in the middle. I have to make a sketch for it. Then, I'll probably try some paper cut-outs to decide on the size.


jovaliquilts said...

Those are beautiful sky and water fabrics! Can't wait to see the landscape quilt.

Do you pin the whole quilt, then just roll up half and keep the other half open? Handling the bulk of a quilt is always difficult for me.

ROZ said...

I do the quilt in two separate sections (three if it's a really big one.) I join the sections after I quilt each of them. I have photos of the process back in my blog someplace.

Jacquie said...

any other hints about meandering, roz? i tried yesterday (3 times) and ended ripping and ripping. i just couldn't seem to make it flow.

Karen said...

My mother lived with us the last ten years of her life. She had a record player that played 45's and LP's plus the 8 track tapes and she loved it. When it went on the blink, I tried to get someone to repair it. All I got was laughs. My brother had given the player to her. He happened to have a duplicate stored away at his house & sent it to her. She had no desire to keep up with technology. Now you blink and things have changed!

Helen said...

Those sky and sea fabrics are perfect!