Feb 17, 2009

Baby surplice sweater

This sweater is the last baby sweater I plan to knit for a while--but please don't hold me to that, I have a lot more yarn. Anyway, this is a very old pattern. I have a stack of baby knitting books that go back forty years--wait--even longer, my Aunt Sylvia once sent me some books that go back to the stone age. I used some really soft yarn it's Paton's Beehive Baby Sport.
I'm experimenting with a quilt pattern now, for another baby quilt--not that I need another one of those either, but I can make whatever quilt I want--from potholder to king size, right? I'm not very interested in making those little doll quilts that people do, as they may make a cute table mat, but I like something I can "sink my teeth into." However, I don't rule out potholders--they are on my list. Speaking of list--my family members are "standing on line" so to speak for various projects of mine. I love that. The other day, my daughter asked me if it's OK to throw out a pair of socks that I knitted in 2001, and have been worn to big holes. Don't worry, I have another pair of those on the needles. I like to have a sock in my handbag, to knit on it odd moments. But I do the heel turning at home, while watching one of those police shows that I like. By the way, I wonder if real women police detectives wear that suggestive clothing that they make the actors wear? The only few I noticed who don't do that much is the great actress Kathryn Morris on"Cold Case;" and Kyra Sedgewick on "The Closer," but being prissy is part of her character.


jovaliquilts said...

Beautiful baby sweater.
I'd be thrilled if someone used something I made so much that it got worn out. Just want you want -- well used, well loved. I've started knitting a dishrag just to have a little something for odd moments (tho I think I'll need something bigger). I'm not much of a knitter.

GailM. said...

I love to knit, but I don't knit much lately. But I am knitting a button up cartigan baby sweater for my darling granddaughter, and it looks like a very similar stitch pattern to the one you have in this pattern. This pattern you have is cute. I too have a bunch of old patterns that I love to go through from time to time. Many old ones are quite regional - Cottage Craft - from the eastern coast of Canada