Mar 1, 2009

Completed String Quilt

Thank you very much to the kind folks who have joined my Followers section. I was prompted by First Time Grandma and Periwinkle Pumpkin to add a Followers section to my Blog. And Isabella and Clare were kind enough to join in. I'm not too familiar with the info from Google on the Followers thingy. So, I kind of leaped in, and I hope that I did it correctly. I plan to learn more about this Followers thing as I go along. It should be fun.
And I have a personal Quotes section. This section is not something I have subscribed to from any of the "Quotes" things on the Internet. The quotes are things that I have picked out by myself. I want to change them every weekend. So I will be publishing about 50 quotes a year. Some will be serious, and some funny. I'm very fond of poetry.
And now, we come to the string quilt. It was made for Joe, and he has just gotten home from the hospital. I hope that he is feeling better! If you look closely, you can see "JOE" hand embroidered on the top. I free-motion quilted the quilt using a Sulky thread in a shaded grey color. I used plain grey thread in the bobbin. The backing of the quilt is that plaid that is in the top row, just under where the name is embroidered. For the binding, I cut strips 1 1/2 inches wide. I decided to forgo making the binding double, like I have been doing for a couple of years now. I sewed a quarter inch seam, turned to the back, and hand-hemmed, turning under as I went.


Magpie Sue said...

Joe is going to love his quilt! Your Happy Houses quilt turned out wonderfully well too.

I'm sort of with you on the Followers thing. Haven't taken the time to really learn about it and haven't added it to my side bar. In spite of that I have a few Followers, which makes me feel good :- )

jovaliquilts said...

I haven't checked into the followers stuff either, will have to take a look sometime. Very nice string quilt -- I love the bits of bright yellow that just make it pop.

Anonymous said...

I love how you put Joe's name in his quilt. The quilt is so bright and cheery it should help make Joe feel better.