Mar 31, 2009

Welcome progress

It's been a struggle. I have to work hard to get the letters to approximately the same size. And they're not there. Maybe next time. This is as close as I could do for now. And it's difficult to figure out the spacing between the letters. I've done a lot of cutting and cutting again. However, the result looks artistic to me. So if I like it, boo to the quilt police. Now on to the borders. First of all, I'm planning to put a solid stripe down the sides. After that, I keep changing my mind every few minutes. Right now, I'm thinking of patchwork squares, maybe.


Brenda said...

It looks fine. Upper case letters are harder to get small and even than lower case. check out my tutorial on strip pieced letters on my blog, but that's mostly for lower case. What colour are your borders?

Clare said...

Yup, uppercase are definitely harder than lowercase. How wide are the borders going to be?

Magpie Sue said...

Hey, free piecing is supposed to look wonky! I like what you have so far - borders can only add to the fun :- )