May 26, 2010

More sewing going on and on

I've been getting some serious sewing done on this quilt.  I decided to try making some triangles.  I have so many books with pictures of antique quilts, and these kind of triangles appear over and over.  Let me tell you, they are tricky to sew.  I made them by cutting squares on the diagonal.  The bias edges are stretchy.  And probably in most of those antique quilts, the sewer joined the triangles sewing by hand.  Anyhow, my quilt will never make it into the county fair, so if my triangles are a bit off--well so what.  I proclaim them to be officially liberated.  I surrounded the center with this "water" fabric. I'm thinking of making the rest of the quilt mostly of bricks in conversation prints.


Joyce said...

Liberated triangles are perfect with the liberated letters. Love it.

Tonya R said...

ditto what Joyce said!