May 30, 2010

Jera's quilt is growing

I have added what I call fabric bricks to Jera's quilt. There are several conversation prints in there--cats, dogs, butterflies, and so forth. The quilt top now measures about 48 by 58 inches. I have to decide how big I want the quilt to be. And what kind of border (borders) to add. I might opt for some more of that bright yellow, because I have a lot of that fabric left. I think that I'll wait until tomorrow to make up my mind. Sometimes I get good ideas in the wee hours. I have included a photo of the interesting magnolia tree that grows in the courtyard outside of my door. This tree had lovely pink flowers that the hummingbirds just loved. Now the flowers have ripened into seed pods and the leaves have all fallen off. The tree goes through several stages during the year.


Tamara said...

your lettering gave me my inspiration for two quilts that im making for my boyfriends grandchildren. Yours looks great. I started cutting mine today... once i get my camera back home ill post a picture of what its going to look like!

but... thanks for the inspiration!

Clare said...

Quilt's looking good.

Magnolia's are beautiful. Our neighbour has got 3. One pink, one yellow and one dark dark purple.

Nanci said...

I love this, and really, what a great way to use up stash!
Your little photo of the tree is lovely. Yes, the magnolias really change so much during the season.

Winona said...

Roz I love Jera's quilt. Those colorful fabric bricks really make it pop. Winona