Jun 3, 2010

Little hearts take shape

These photos show how I sewed a yellow fabric border on the quilt after I had added some more patches to make it longer. Now it's time for embellishment.  I'm planning to sew on a bunch (that's a mathematical term) of hearts here and there.  For my appliques, I first found one of my plastic templates that was left over from a previous project, and I used a pencil to trace around it unto the back side of some iron-in non-woven interfacing.   Then I sew the interfacing to the right side of the fabric and cut out.  See below:(Gosh, it's a bear to arrange these pictures on the blog!) Anyhow, you can hardly make out the stitching on the interfacing, so I turned one of the hearts over so you can see how it's sewn.  Then I trim the edges and I carefully cut a slit in the interfacing, and turn the heart right side out.  An old plastic crochet hook helps to turn the edges.  Voila!  A heart with all the edges turned under and ready to iron on and sew down on the quilt.  The sticky stuff on the interfacing holds it in place while preforming this operation.  I'm a pony-tail and hair band type of person when it comes to sewing on appliques, so I usually hand sew the edges in place and then I either hand or machine embroider the edges. 


True Blue Nana said...

I need to send you a picture of the heart quilt my mother did. I have not tried applique but it is such a neat idea.

Roslyn said...

I am waiting to see the whole quilt-what size is it?