Jun 16, 2010

It's slow work

I have made the 5 star blocks now, and it's time for me to get the applique blocks organized.  I think that I will be using a yellow gingham as the background.  This requires me to paw through some of my stash.  What fun, I usually find a piece of fabric or two that I've forgotten all about.  And I'll be able to use some of them in the applique.  I also came across a bit of pink gingham that I think I'll be using for this quilt.  To be continued.

1 comment:

Michele Bilyeu said...

Roz...I admire your fortitude, as well as your creative talent.It will all be worth it...she's going to just love it!!! You inspire us all to try new things and feel the joy of being liberated...don't forget that :)