Jul 18, 2010

Sabrina's quilt under construction, continued

Here it is!  I finally felt better enough from my allergies to assemble Sabrina's quilt top.  I used dark green for the sashes.  The top now measures 47 by 74 inches.  I have to decide on whether to add borders, and if so, what?  I guess that what I ought to add is about 4 inches to each side.  That's not very much, I think that I ought to look in my stash for some fabric to sew onto the sides. (Maybe some of that bubblegum pink? or bright green?) Speaking of fabric, my stash is getting away from me a bit, and I just ordered more!  I'm going to have to stop buying all these wonderful solid colors until I use up some of this stuff. 
Meanwhile, I find that I've now become allergic to cherries.  (That's on top of my allergy to one of my prescriptions.) I haven't been able to eat peaches for many years, and now it's the cherries.  It seems that the allergy to peaches and cherries are connected somehow.  I keep having to give up more and more of the foods I love as time goes by.  As they say, it's the penalty for growing old.  Speaking of feeling old, this week on the 21st of July is our Fiftieth wedding anniversary!  We have recently had a family reunion in honor of the occasion.  Unfortunately, my darling husband is not in the best of health.  However, we are so happy to have been married all of this time.  As they say, "Marriages are made in Heaven."  Well, I guess that seems not to apply to all marriages.  But with all of my husband and my eccentricities it worked out!  And we are blessed to have three wonderful children and six fantastic grandchildren.


Magpie Sue said...

Sabrina's quilt is looking fabulous! I'm sure she would appreciate it being wider but I have no suggestions to offer on that front. You'll come up with something great.

Too bad about the cherries. I've had to give up nearly all the foods I used to love too. It's a drag but at least you'll feel better when you avoid them. Kudos on making it to your 50th wedding anniversary!

Winona said...

Roz, Sabrina's quilt is looking great. I love the green sashes. I hear you on the allergies. I am diabetic, so have to watch the carbs. Now I have developed an allery to wheat. It is really hard to find things without wheat added. I still eat some wheat, but pay the consequences. It makes me very stuffy, my joints ache, and if I really overdo it, I get hives. Yes, the joys of getting older! LOL Happy anniversary to you and your husband. Fifty years together is a wonderful accomplishment. My dh and I will be married 33 years on July 25th. I think we are just going out to eat somewhere. Have a wonderful Sunday. Winona