Mar 13, 2011

Denim Medallion

Thanks for the great comments! I guess I'll just settle for the name Denim Medallion. That covers it, I guess. At least I have sewn on the last border. It turned out to be two green fabrics. I auditioned a few other colors, and this one looked the best to me. Things are a bit busy around here, but I'll try to do some sewing almost every day. I want to pick out a backing, and get this quilt pin basted. But the dining table has a bunch of tax papers on it today. Spring has arrived, we had to remember to change the clocks to Daylight Savings today. I still have a couple of more clocks to do, because my stove and microwave each has a clock, and I have to change them or I'll forget what the time is every time I go into the kitchen. One lovely thing about Spring, besides all the new leaves and flowers is that I have noticed several different kinds of birds have arrived. There are swallows that come here every year. There's even a song about that, "when the swallows come back to Capistrano, that's the time I'll come back home to you." I live not very far from that actual place. And some swallows do nest on a building across the way from me. They are swift fliers and able to perch on the walls. One reason they come back is because they make elaborate nests out of mud, and they like to reuse the old nests.


Clare said...

Great quilt.

Have you heard the saying "One Swallow doesn't make a summer"?

Michele Bilyeu said...

Oh, the clocks...I keep finding ones with the wrong time and I am spatially confused all on my own without time getting its hit, too! But there's nothing confusing about liking denim quilts and bright colors and you've got a great one going on, here!!! Someone will love this!