Mar 21, 2011

My latest efforts

I'm making two applique wall hangings. These are intended for my daughter in Florida and her friend. If you look closely, you'll see that I'm using fabric in the background that is printed with pictures of manatees. They are a Florida mammal. I just couldn't resist buying this fabric when I saw it, and I thought it would be so cute for these wall hangings. I have made the hearts with a turn under method, and I'm sewing them to the background with a blanket stitch.
My method for the applique is to trace the shape on the smooth side of iron-on interfacing. Then I place the interfacing sticky side down to right side of the fabric. Sew all around the edge. Trim edges. Cut a hole in the interfacing and turn the applique right side out. Presto, all the edges are turned under, plus you can iron the applique down. I have one of those little craft irons and a Telfon pressing sheet, so I iron only the edges of the appliques flat first. And here are some stuffed animals that I made out of scraps. I got the buttons and the rick rack at a yard sale. And they are stuffed with bits of left over batting, so these are "free" toys in every sense of the word. I made the pattern myself. I drew an oval and improvised. I made similar toys once before, so it was very easy. Everything has to be in triplicate, for three darling granddaughters.
And last of all, I had a stash of baby sweaters and hats that I made and put away for the day that I needed a baby present. And guess what--I needed every one of them. Our town has an adopted Marine contingent, and is putting together a baby shower for Marine Moms. They are making gift baskets for them. Isn't that lovely!
And meanwhile, "back at the ranch," I want to make a baby quilt to send to Japan. Quilter's Newsletter is going to collect them and ship them. For more info, see their web site


ButtonMad said...

wonderful work and the quilts for japan is a super idea. cheers

Magpie Sue said...

Darling little dolls! And those sweaters will be wonderful additions to the gift baskets. Your heart is just glowing!

Clare said...

Love the hearts. They look like confetti.

jovaliquilts said...

Boy, you sure accomplish a lot!! Such wonderful gifts, all of them.