Sep 29, 2007

Blue, my neutral color

I've had a few rest days. Now back to my blog. Today I was just sitting on my patio and reading for a time. I have been making a pink sweater for my littlest granddaughter, and ran out of yarn for the second sleeve. I sent for more. It's a no dye lot, so it should be OK.

I don't get out shopping for fabric and yarn much, so I often order things on the Internet.

Well, about those boys' quilts I have been working on--I had to change my plans. The fabric I purchased for the alternate blocks simply will not do! Luckily I had also bought about 5 yards of some mottled blue, and that looks so much better. Oh well, the "best laid plans" and all that. I'll think of some other use for the fabric I purchased eventually (probably a baby quilt or something.) If you read the book "Collaborative Quilting" by Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston (I bought the book after it was recommended to me by Joyce) they call the color red their neutral color. I guess that medium blue is my neutral color. I seem to use it frequently.


joyce said...

I think any color can be a neutral on a busy quilt like Gwen and Freddy make as long as it is a wide strip of one color. That has to be the best quilting book I ever bought.

flippytale Quilter (Christine) said...

Roz, I am so glad you like my work. I left my response on my blog so others reading it will learn about what I did.

Do you think this design would make a good pattern?