Sep 2, 2007

Pinning up

OOPS! Little earthquake! Near here too. But as we say in California--"only" 4.7 on the Richter Scale. String on the window blind swayed.
I've been diligently sewing the blocks together all week, and today I was able to pin the center section together with backing and batting, all ready for my mad free-motion quilting. I've explained my method of quilting in sections before on this blog.
Anyway, the first thing to do is to hunt through my stash and find a piece big enough for one third of the back. (I have an inherited stash--it's a gold mine. Left to me by my friend's grandmother. To a scrap quilter like me, it's about equivalent to inheriting money.)
Anyway, first I eat my breakfast. That's step one. Then I move aside the Sunday paper and wash the table. Step two. Press everything--and get out some pins. What's my rush? Well, my grandson--who is the recipient of this quilt has his twenty-first birthday on Sept. 23, and I'd like to be able to give him his quilt at that time.
The other day my daughter took me to the big fabric store--you know the one--the one that put all the little stores out of business. Even though I have a stash, I still need to buy thread, batts, focus fabrics, knitting needles--you know--the usual. I make a list. Then I mutter to myself in the batting aisle, reminding myself what I need--checking the labels--trying not to make a mistake and buying the wrong thing.


Helen in the UK said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Looks like your quilt is coming along nicely. Lucky you inheritating a stash - other quilters scraps are always exciting, so a stash must be heaven :)

flippytale Quilter (Christine) said...

LOL! That's about the strength of the cat jumping on the bed! I lived in So Cal for about ten years and remember those. Out here a 2.0 makes head line news! *snort!*