Oct 7, 2007

Life in the Slow Lane

I've been trying to catch up on my reading lately--that pile of magazines on my coffee table was starting to lean like the tower of Pisa. I found an article in a January issue of Smithsonian that I thought might interest one of my granddaughters--it's about a female architect. But hello--this is October, grandma! I know, I know. That's merely an example of how slow I've been.

Don't you think these toys are cute? I made them today when I was suddenly inspired by a picture one of my children drew twenty or more years ago. Yep, that's really slow! If you decide to make toys similar to them, remember that button eyes are only suitable for school age children--for babies, I recommend making embroidered eyes. I hope that my other three granddaughters will like them.


Libby said...

Nothing wrong with the slow lane . . . you get to take in a lot more scenery from there *s*

Samantha said...

those softies are adorable!