Oct 14, 2007

Worth and Violet

I've been working on finishing the quilts. Yes I have, and besides that I'm working on my secret project.
Well, it's not that secret--I've just been waiting for my daughter to get her web site going.
And it's on line at last www.worthandviolet.com
I'm sewing some things for sale on the web site. All of the items I sew for the web site have to be of my own design. So that takes time. I've had my drawing pencil sharpened for a while, and I plan to make a few items and we'll see what people want. My daughter reminded me of the baby blankies and bibs I made when her kids were little. So I'm starting with that. It is true that I designed those myself.

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Libby said...

Looks like a very nice site . . . homemade soaps are one of my favorites to try out *s*