Jun 5, 2008

Good news, I'm starting on the free-motion quilting. My sewing and knitting has been mostly on hold lately, as I'm still nursing my shoulder. However, the shoulder is much improved. Life is complicated sometimes. I feel like the old song "time is slipping away." I'm enjoying our spring weather. Some people complain because it is inclined to be cloudy in Southern California in June, but I find it delightful. It's not too hot. I have to check out the weather forecast every day though, to decide what to wear. I remember meeting a tourist one time who said, "I came here to California, and where is the famous sunshine?" Sorry, not many June mornings are sunny!


Quilt Pixie said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I wouldn't be without an acrylic extension table, though the one I have wasn't designed for mymachine and doesn't fit well, I love the extra surface area being supported while I sew... (and I appeciate the "under the table" storage I gain too :-)

jovaliquilts said...

Good luck with free motion! I've only done a little, but plan to keep plugging away at it.

And thank goodness for the morning clouds -- otherwise it would get way too hot!