Jun 8, 2008

Jacaranda acutifolia

I call Jacaranda trees California's answer to lilac bushes. I sometimes miss the lilacs that grew near my house when I was a kid. But when the jacarandas bloom--well it's just lovely. There are streets lined with these purple-blooming trees. They will start out all covered with the flowers, and then gradually, the leaves grow in to take their place. Meanwhile, I'm still working on that quilt--I have it all pin basted now, both sections, and one section is nearly all quilted. I also made a hand-embroidered label to sew on the back.


Joyce said...

I saw Jacarandas when we went to Australia. I was very impressed but nothing can beat lilacs for a beautiful perfume.

Niki said...

I'd love to have you join my new quilter's list blog! Just ran across your wonderful blog and wanted to say HI. Here is the link. :)