Jan 8, 2010

No photos today. It's my further adventures. Last fall I knitted a cardigan and a shrug for my daughter who lives in Florida. And I mailed them to her on November 27. I was so disappointed when she said that the package didn't arrive. I went to talk to the man at the post office about it and everything. The package as insured for $50. But who wants the money--after all the work that went into the knitting! My daughter told me not to give up hope, wait and she would go to the post office again first. Anyhow, on December 30th, she phoned me. A battered and moldy box was left at her door--the sweaters had arrived! Imagine that it took over a month to go from California to Florida? I think not. My opinion is that someone riffled her mail. And when they found that the things inside didn't come from some store, they delivered the package. Fortunately, over the years it has been my custom to put knitted items inside plastic bags before placing them in a shipping carton--and that's what kept the sweaters from getting moldy. Today I sent her the Shoo-Fly quilt but instead of the post office, I sent it UPS, and to her place of work instead of her home.
I'm diligently hand quilting my free-pieced wall hanging, but I haven't been at my sewing machine for a couple of days, (except to hem a pair of pants) because my life is a bit hectic sometimes. Maybe after I dust the living room (I hate dusting) I'll sew a couple of things.


Anonymous said...

You must be greatly relieved that the sweater and shrug finally arrived. I bet who ever originally went through her mail did not take the time to deliver the sweater. My guess is a third party sweater angel.


Anonymous said...

Hi Roz - wow, what a story, and what a wonderful end result! Very good to hear that your daughter got her package in the end. Some people are just low, to steal other people's mail, aren't they?

Your free-pieced letters below are gorgeous!

Karen xx

P.S. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog :)

Laurel H. said...

You know, Roz, the holiday mail this past December was absolutely AWFUL. Everywhere. I sent Priority packages that took two weeks to arrive. My mother sent us a package that took far longer to arrive than it should have. It was unbelievable. I guess the moral of the story is, if we want it to arrive by Christmas, we must mail it before Thanksgiving. Yikes.

Magpie Sue said...

A lot of people have horror stories to tell about using the postal service. So far, knock on wood, I haven't had any trouble with them. Nothing seriously out of the ordinary anyway. Glad this had a happy ending... eventually.

Your finished art quilt looks great!