Nov 2, 2010


All kinds of adventures have occurred since my last post.  I recovered from all my medical stuff except for an attack of arthritis--and at this stage in my life, arthritis doesn't count anymore.  And a lovely event, a family visit. So much fun seeing everyone!  We took the grand kids ( well the adults liked it, too) to see Peter Pan.  It was a big production put on in a giant tent.  Peter Pan and Tinkerbell were flying through the air on enormous wires. Lots of fun for all of us!  And then we had Halloween.Tons and tons of candy--funny costumes!
Meanwhile, I haven't completed one thing!  But I started on another project, pictured here.  I'm making an embroidered wall hanging for Thanksgiving.  So I moved that to the front of the line, as I have to get it done on time.  I ordered the pattern from Sherri's web site has all this primitive embroidery stuff on it.  I've bought from Meme's Quilts before. This web site has no connection with me personally. 
That "stars" baby quilt is nearly done, I just have to hem down the binding.
Now about the top photo--that big pile of left-over flannel--it's for a charity quilt. I often sew a quilt backing in flannel. As soon as enough flannel scraps accumulate, I can start to make a quilt out of them.


Melody said...

I'm always starting new things before I finish existing ones. You've chosen lovely fabrics.

Sharon said...

I think your little stitchery is going to be very cute! Starting a new project is more fun than finishing an old one. (And that's why I have too many WIPs)

I collect pieces of flannel too, for the same reason!

Anonymous said...

Think your stitchery piece is going to be lovely. Look forward to seeing it!

Viv x