Nov 19, 2010

Flannel scrap quilt

I'm using left-over bits of flannel to make a baby quilt. I plan to donate the quilt to a charity. These flannel strips are from the back edges of flannel-backed quilts that I've made in the last year or two. I've got to confess, that I save nearly every scrap. In fact, the laundry hamper where I store bits and pieces is just about to overflow, no matter how many quilts I make out of it. I even have enough flannel scraps left to make one or two more quilts--and I'm only talking about the flannel--never mind the ordinary cotton stuff! About sewing flannel quilts, I should mention that I use a fatter seam than the usual 1/4 inch. My sewing machine has an easy adjustment for the needle. I hope that I can complete quilting this by New Year's!

My public library has a used book store that's run by volunteers. Today was their semi-annual sale. I got there really early and bought some quilt books. These books look like they have a lot of antique quilt pictures. I love to see the old-time handiwork. I also bought a lovely book about wild flowers, and so on. I'll be reading all weekend, I guess. And a reminder--Tonya Ricucci's book "Word Play Quilts" is due out the end of December. I've already pre-ordered my copy.


Nancy said...

The quilt is wonderful and will be appreciated by the recipient.

I enjoy browsing at the Friends of the Library sales here, too.

Finn said...

It'a a very pretty quilt Roz. I love making little, or big ones like that from the flannel scraps. Often I just sew the strips like the mile a minute stuff and then square it up to 6.5" as blocks. You sure can use alot of scraps in that manner, altho the bin never seems to get emptier. Maybe you could keep one going as a leader and ender project? Just keep a few scraps by the machine in a basket or something.
Glad you found some good books to enjoy, I love the library sales! Hugs, Finn

Clare said...

I love finding old quilting books. A friend recently gave me all hers and amongst them is the most gorgeous book - about A2 in size and the photos are gorgeous.

Ton's book is due out on 7th December - wooohoo!

Magpie Sue said...

We sound like two of a kind! I have an overflowing bag of flannel scraps I intend to make into one or more quilts someday and a laundry basket nearly full of regular cotton scraps. At least I'm learning to throw away the smallest scraps now!

Lynda said...

I'm a big scrap/charity quilter too, and I can assure you that the scraps just seem to multiply, no matter how many you use!