Jan 11, 2011

Half Log Cabin I Spy Quilt

I completed this quilt in March 2009. I guess that I had forgotten it. But a dear friend just gave birth to a beautiful girl. I was looking in my closet for a baby gift. I confess that my closet is not as organized as it might be. Oh, dear, here come the Quilt Police--anyhow, what a good time to find this baby quilt. It's a Half Log Cabin pattern. The novelty fabrics are cut in 6 1/2 inch squares (includes the seam allowance) and the light and dark fabric strips are 1 3/4 inches wide. The finished size of the quilt is about 35 by 44. The backing is flannel. The quilt is tied by machine. My sewing machine (Viking) has a setting for doing machine quilt tying. I don't think I would necessarily machine tie a very large quilt, but baby size is quite easy.
I'm a bit behind in my sewing lately, but I know that I'll catch up. Meanwhile, I went to the Scrap booking store today. In this town where we live, there is a big scrap booking store, and no other craft store. I pleaded with the management to at least start to stock some fat quarters and knitting yarn. We have to drive miles just to buy a button around here! Scrap booking is a big hobby, this store is stocked like a supermarket with aisles of the supplies. I don't want to even look at it, and to avoid temptation. As it is, I'm wracking my brain on finding a place to stash all my yarn. My yarn stash is getting out of hand around here. I refuse to mention my huge fabric stash, my lips are sealed.


Nancy said...

This baby quilt is darling and will be used and loved. I can just imagine a toddler dragging it all over the house as a much loved binky.

Yarn stash out of control? Never!

Judy S. said...

Cute quilt! I have a Viking also and love it.

Sharon said...

What a lucky find! Just when you need it. And what a cute quilt! The baby will love it.

Stash? What stash?? My lips are sealed too. LOL

Rhonda said...

What a great baby quilt. I can imagine the hours spend searching for all the neat I Spy things. What a wonderful gift.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Goodness, if the Quilt Police clean out closets send them over for a little cleaning at my house ;)

But what digging you did came up with such a great find! I think I need to make up some baby quilts for emergency gifts..and this one is a fabulous idea for some quilts in a hurry that are still colorful and fun! Love it!