Jan 7, 2011

New Year 2011

Happy 2011! Let's start the new year. I've finished the granny afghan. Actually, what happened is that I have used up all of my black yarn, or I would have added another row to the outside edge. So the afghan is ready to be donated for charity. I made so many afghan squares that I have quite a few left over and I'll be able to crochet another afghan pretty soon. I like this pattern, because the squares are joined as you go, instead of having to be assembled by sewing or crocheting them together--that's not very well explained, I guess, but people who crochet afghans will understand what I mean.
And I have taken a photo of some of the half log cabin blocks that I've finished so far. These things are a little bit tricky, I've learned that there's a right and left way to do these--and I made that mistake already on one of them. I have not made up my mind on how I will arrange the blocks in the final quilt, or even how many of them I'm making. That will just be more fun for me later. No hurry.
Thanks to all my friends who have posted such kind comments on my blog, I appreciate it very much. And a little PS--on that complaint I was making about Medicare--we have ironed it out as best we can and things are OK at the moment.


Judy S. said...

Someone's going to love that cheery, colorful afghan! Glad the Medicare issues are resolving; that can be very frustrating!

Nancy said...

I love both the afghan and quilt blocks: both are colorful and cheery.

Myra said...

That is a lovely Afghan Roz! It will be well loved by whoever receives it!! 8-)
Great start to your half log cabin blocks!
Happy stitchings!

woolywoman said...

love the afghan! where did you get the pattern? I make on like that, but it has to be sewn up.