Feb 28, 2011

Flannel scrap quilt--completed

Good news--I have completed this little flannel quilt. It's constructed using only scraps left over from other quilts that I have made. Finished size is 35 by 40 inches. This quilt is destined to be donated to SPINOC--an organization that helps homeless folks get situated in a job and a nice place to live.
Either the baby quilt is used to cuddle the baby when it's cold, or it is put on the floor for baby to play on. Babies love this kind of patchwork quilt, and will drag the quilt around until it finally wears out and is in shreds. I've received photos from a Mom whose kids would not part with these old things even when the quilt was in rags and the kid was in grade school. (Of course I made new, bigger quilts for those kids!)


Nancy said...

I love this quilt!

Kids are funny when it comes to a favorite toy or blanket. This blanket is going to be cherished by a child.

paula, the quilter said...

This reminds me of Kaye Woods 6 hour quilt that volunteers make for Love Quilts. The 6 hour quilt is a reversible quilt made on the serger in a quilt as you go method. At the end of 6 hours (or less) a quilt is completed.

Quilting Corner said...

This is wonderful. A very happy quilt for someone to enjoy.

jovaliquilts said...

There is nothing more rewarding than to have one of your quilts loved to death! I bet this one is, too -- it's a real cutie.