Feb 24, 2011

String Quilt

All finished! This string quilt was very quick and easy to make. I got to use up a lot of scraps. I sewed on a blue binding. I finally finished the hand sewing of the binding while I was watching TV. American Idol seems to be having big ratings this year. I like The Defenders too. And lots of mindless TV stuff. While I watch TV I usually sew or knit.
I'm busy now free-motion quilting that flannel quilt that I'm working on. I might slow up a bit and try making table runners or something else for a change. And good news--my grandchildren cleaned their closets and I will receive a bunch of old blue jeans. I've made a gallery of photos of denim quilts on my Flickr page. Some folks seem to have success in combining parts of old jeans with fabrics, making charming quilts. I bet I could sew some place mats that way, too. I did make a couple of quilts using blue jeans and they came out OK, but they are very heavy. I thought that only using jeans for parts of the quilt may work out better?


Nancy said...

My mother combined denim and cotton with success - it was a beautiful quilt. Yes, it was heavy!

Finn said...

It's a lovely string quilt Roz, and you have to feel good about using up those bits and pieces! Hugs, Finn

jovaliquilts said...

I'm in the process of making a jeans quilt, too. My cousin once made placemats out of denim and cowboy prints, and she sewed on the old jeans pockets to hold the silverware! Very cute and clever, and I keep thinking I may do something like that one day.