Jul 13, 2011

Four Patch donation quilt

Here's a photo of my completed four patch quilt. I took it to my knitting group today. My friend Ria held it up for the picture to be taken. And my friend Judy will be taking it in to the charity to be donated this week. I hope that it will keep someone warm this winter. Even now, in July we have some cool nights. I have two quilts on my bed all summer.

This is my 498th post on this blog. I want to plan something a little bit different for my 500th.


jovaliquilts said...

Cute! You really have made a lot of charity quilts, wonderful.
Sorry I'm so far behind in blog reading.

Michele Bilyeu said...

That truly looks like what I consider to be a comforting, comfort quilt! Charming with detail and care expressed. I can bet that whoever ends up with it will just love it!

Judy S. said...

I love this quilt, Roz! Great wrist warmers, too. They are SO handy!

Quilting Corner said...

This is a wonderful comfort quilt. Someone will really enjoy having this.
Fondly, Etty

Magpie Sue said...

Good job Roz! I'm curious to see what you come up with for your 500th post.
;- )

Angie said...

I adore that four-patch quilt. It looks so snuggly and inviting...I should just make myself one. :)