Jul 25, 2011

The Winners and my "art" quilt

I got out my sun hat and put in all the names for the etui drawing and the winners are Clare, Nanci and Debbie! So I'll be mailing out the etuis pretty soon.
Meanwhile, I thought that I was making a gift utility quilt for an as-yet-unknown sick person. I'll have to try to make a utility quilt again. I don't want to give this quilt away! Clare warned me in her comment on the quilt-in-progress photo, and she was right. How she could tell from that little photo of a few quilt blocks, I'll never know. I made twenty-four 6 1/2 inch free-pieced blocks using solid colors and added 2 1/2 inch strips of solid on two sides of the block, as seen in the second photo. I was inspired by Karla Alexander's book New Cuts for New Quilts--more ways to stack the deck. She made a quilt called "Orderly Chaos". However, I didn't follow her directions at all--just the way that she put the blocks together. After making the blocks, they are arranged every which way. I didn't follow her directions for that either, I put the blocks together without paying attention to the arrangement. And I used a different border than the one in the book. The dark color might look like black in the photo, but it's actually dark chocolate brown. I know that I'll have fun quilting this one!


Debbie said...

Thanks for picking me for an etui, Roz!

The randomness of this quilt is really cool, Roz. Wish we could see it more up close and straight on.

Clare said...

Woot - can't wait to receive it. Thank you so much.

See - I told you. It's a stunner and chocolate brown too. Yum!

Michele Bilyeu said...

I've missed being over here this week and discover that we are both making random crazy patches quilts...so freeing, aren't they? Mine ended up with so much pink it it it's much more girl than guy...too bad. Guy quilts are super needed by all of the places I make quilts for. Love your colors and your quilt!So, not surprised you loved it too ;) I have ended up giving my absolute favorite quilts away in the end and still regret a couple of them...live and learn ;)

Magpie Sue said...

Wow, Clare was right, that's a keeper!
I don't much like working with solids but those of you who do turn out some spectacular quilts!