Jul 13, 2011

Wrist warmers

Do you think that I made enough wrist warmers? Well, I'm blessed with four granddaughters! What, do they need wrist warmers in July? No. But they might in the future--it can't stay hot forever. Meanwhile, I've completed that four patch donation quilt and I hope to get a nice photo to post later today.
And I'm rounding up some scraps of solid colors for another quilt. No problem here--I seem to have accumulated a mountain of scraps. And I confess I did purchase some really loud orange fabric to throw into the mix.
I've been having a lot of problems with food allergies. I'm allergic to soy. I have hives. And you wouldn't believe how the soy bean has taken over the world--there's soy oil or some other form of soy in a whole lot of stuff (breads, crackers, cereal, hot dogs, soup powder, mayonnaise, herb tea, canned tuna, etc). But after donating a bunch of food to the food bank and sharing some of the rest around--I have managed to become soy-free. I found that a store that has some really nice things that I can eat. And I'm feeling a lot better. If anyone else out there has an allergy to soy, I'd appreciate hearing from you.


paula, the quilter said...

I know all about the soy take over since I am hyper-sensitive to it. Tuna: one brand of tuna in the pouch doesn't have soy but I am at work so I can't check. I really, really miss soy sauce and teriyaki. :( I make my own bread and crackers and generally stay away from anything that comes in a box or is processed. I really, really miss chocolate too (soy lecithin). :( Eating out is a nightmare and I usually get a salad. Eat plain: grilled proteins, fresh vegetables and fruit.

I am also allergic to red, yellow, burgandy, orange (all the warm colors) of food dyes, so that doesn't help either.

Good luck.

Magpie Sue said...

Wow, I'm glad you've found out what the problem is but what a challenge! I've had a couple bouts with hives, they're no fun at all.

Your GD's are going to love the wrist warmers. :- )

Lynne said...

Oh dear, that sounds awful. I'm glad you've figured out what the allergy is, even though finding foods to eat may be a challenge!

Michele Bilyeu said...

I have seen these wrist warmers around put together on teens with really cute costumes. They must be quite popular now and even more so as the weather turns colder, again!

Sorry to hear about your food allergies! We have a gluten free D-I-L and always have to consider her at meals, don't know what we'd do with a soy issue as we eat so much Asian etc. food to avoid the gluten pasta kinds of choices we might otherwise serve! Glad you figured it out and I know you will adjust as time goes on but sorry you have to!!!!