Nov 20, 2007

I haven't written anything for a few days now. I was away visiting friends for the weekend. Now, I'm getting back to normal here. I looked back in the blog, and I've been making this puff quilt for months and months. Now that I'm nearly to the end, I'm searching through some of my really old quilt books. I'm sure that I have directions someplace for a stuffed binding that would be perfect. Too bad that I didn't think to copy it. Anyhow, I'll keep looking, as I know it's here someplace. Aha! now I remember. And I realize why this old thing has been on the coffee table all this time. It's "Simplicity" Quilts & Patches" published in 1979. I bought it at my library's Used Book Store. If your library has a book shop, keep an eagle eye for old needlework books. And I went out to a cabinet I have in the garage, and found the end of a bolt of brown fabric that will make a nice lining on the back. It's half polyester and half cotton, so please don't tell the quilt police on me!

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