Nov 7, 2007

I saw on TV that some people make money from ads on their web sites. What do you think about it? I guess they have a lot of traffic on their sites.
The air has cleared of smoke from those brush fires we had around here. Now I can take my little morning walks again. It's lovely. And I'm only talking about the fresh air!
This TV writer's strike is going to put a crimp in some TV viewer's evenings. I suggest that people go to the library and check out some books.
I mailed those liberated quilts I made to my little cousins the other day. They received them and they like them. So good news there. And just in time for the winter weather. Usually relatives get quilts and warm sweaters from me when it's about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I give them when they're finished, and that's that.


The Backporch Artessa said...

Roz, your quilts are so intricate! I'm sure they really brightend the lives of those they touched! sounds as if you're finding some of that hope in the beauty and receeding fires!

Libby said...

Glad to know your quilts have been well received.
The smoke and ash have left our area, too. Still so many folks have a lot of work to recover from all they lost. I do feel so very fortunate to only have some ash to rinse away *s*