Jan 27, 2008

Finding lost things

Ah Sunday morning--it's catch-up on my sewing day. I hope to pin baste my star quilt today, after I wash the kitchen floor. That floor looks grungy to me. I have these big tiles, and they are a textured surface, so grunge gets in the textures. How one person can make so much dirt, I don't know. I remember when my three kids were small, I was always cleaning and always a bit behind on the job. While I was cleaning in one room, dust and spiders webs were growing in the next one. I had a great time last night, as there was beautiful figure skating on TV. I really admire the artistic and athletic qualities of the skaters, and I even like almost all of the music that goes along with it. As I said once before, the skaters have so much persistence. It is inspiring to me how they get up and keep skating after a fall. They get up and keep on, and can still possibly win a medal. It's like life, everyone makes mistakes, but we have to get up and keep skating.
On Friday I finished knitting a blue sock for myself. But socks come in pairs, and in this yarn (astra, a sport yarn) it takes two skeins. And I couldn't find the second skein. Luckily, last night, while I was looking for something else, I came across the blue yarn. I had put it away in the little laundry hamper where I keep my yarn. Furthermore, this morning when I was out on my patio checking on my drenched potted plants (it's been raining here) I found an earring that I lost last week. Luckily, I had not yet given up and I had not thrown out the first earring! OK.

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Joyce said...

Luck seems to be on your side.