Jan 4, 2008

Tutti Frutti

Isn't that a cute name for the color of this yarn. It's Paton's Kroy yarn. My granddaughter should love these. I've been doing a lot of sock knitting lately. It's fun. And I'm still working on putting together that star quilt. I hope to get most of the blocks put together this weekend. I've got them sewn in rows so far.
We are bracing for a big rainstorm this weekend. I heard from someone who lives near San Francisco and she said that they wanted rain, but not all the water at once. It's headed this way.


Jenni @ Fairybread said...

The socks are very cute. I have made 3/4 of a pair of socks - 1 finished and the other one to the heel, but then I lost interest. I felt like once I had made the first one, I'd figured out how to do it, so no need to keep going. Terrible isn't it?

Quilting Cindy said...

Cute socks