Feb 12, 2008


Can you make out the beak of the baby bird just peeking out from the nest? I was so excited that I managed to take a photo while the mama bird was away. On the subject of the teacup quilt--I had some luck with that today. My mother-in-law used to have a saying "dumb luck" when something turned up to unexpectedly get you out of a predicament. I started to make this quilt with enthusiasm and not much in the way of planning. I knew that I had a piece of tea-dye in the closet, but I didn't measure it. I figured that I could use any light backgrounds on the teacups. But when I started with the tea-dye, I decided that I really liked it, and besides, there is no right or wrong side to the fabric. That helps when you are making right and left side pieces. So, I continued to cut into the fabric like there was no tomorrow. However, when I came to the spot where I needed to cut pieces for the last 10 blocks, I suddenly saw that I was coming to the end of the fabric--and I finished with 3 inches to spare! So la-de-da!

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Janet said...

Hi Roz: Lovely picture - you are so lucky to have birds nesting - we, of course, are still shovelling - ho hum - too much of that this year. Interesting to hear from you and hear that you had lived in Sydney - my mother was raised there, but I have never been there.
I have a tutorial on my blog and have just posted Part 2, so if you have any beginner friends point them there! Thanks.
Take care, will keep an eye on your blog from now on.
Janet in snowy Nova Scotia