Feb 7, 2008

My new project

Oh, I'm sewing on the binding on my quilt! I do that while watching TV in the evenings. I don't watch daytime TV except for the news. Meanwhile, I have a new project that I'm starting. I made a sample block, to see how it goes. It's "Cuppaz" by Jan Mullen. I have her book, "Cut Loose Quilts." But do you think I made one thing from the book? No. I adore the butterfly quilt on the cover, and I might make it someday. Meanwhile, I saw the "Cuppaz" quilt on Flickr.com, and I was in love. I ordered the pattern from Virginia quilter. I want to make a twin size quilt for one of my lovely granddaughters. I realized that I often made a quilt that I've seen on the Internet, lately. I went outside right now to check, and that little hummingbird is still sitting there on her nest. I was supposed to be going to the eye doctor today to see if my glasses prescription needed to be changed. But they phoned and cancelled. So now I have a lot of time to quilt and do stuff around the house instead.

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